Nnimmo Bassey

Nnimmo Bassey, one of the seasoned civil society delegates heading to Paris in a few weeks for the 2015 gathering, is underwhelmed already. “Paris will be a COP of intentions and not actions,” he says.

But budgets must be hashed out to put into costs dispersed around the globe. Global…

Vintage image of a white kitten answering a pink phone
Vintage image of kitten answering phone

Within months of the stay-at-home orders last March, the mask of civil society slipped. By September, it became clear that although we may all be in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. A New England Journal of Medicine editorial “Pandemic within a Pandemic, Intimate Partner…

World Economic Forum Global Risks report, 2019

Before Greta Thunberg left the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, the Global Shapers Community launched Voice for the Planet, a campaign that garnered 21,000 pledges within 48 hours; Another example of young people acting as first responders to the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum’s agenda politely…

Is there any wisdom in keeping my total stock market investment stuck on 10% fossil fuels when I know the carbon bubble is going to burst?

Coal companies are struggling to raise capital because there are too few investment funds left willing to invest. Exxon continually refuses to set any…

“A mote of dust trapped in a sunbeam”—Carl Sagan

The year is 2018. London traffic came to a standstill when the Extinction Rebellion climate activists organized human roadblocks, while at home in the states, the Climate Silence and the Climate Mobilization Project people marched with the message that it’s time to “cancel the apocalypse.”

Pan over to the political…

September brings the end of summer vacation and the equally sobering National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I wanted to write a suicide myth-buster, but from a mental health standpoint, it’s a tough subject. Social stigma doesn’t make it any easier.

Huge gaps in our knowledge exist, thanks to underfunding of…

Faces Places screening at the Letterman Digital Complex in the Presidio, San Francisco, CA.
Street muralist JR (middle) at the Letterman Digital Arts Complex

During the 2005 riots outside Paris, JR was an 18- year-old street artist in Clichy-sous-Bois. Since then he’s pasted murals in more than 140 countries, encompassing more than 320,000 faces. Last year he added about a thousand more mugs for his work on the San Francisco Mural project.

Night or…

We might be aware that utilities will pay out for energy savings, thanks to the last energy crisis, but how many of us know how to do this through our smart meters? OhmConnect offers help with getting a little something out of this demand response energy marketplace.

The San Francisco-based…

Dr. Holdren and former President Obama

Dr. John Holdren has the distinction of prompting the dulcet tones of Obama’s laughter.

Consoling the President on the low interest in climate change throughout the years, Obama’s former science offer Holdren shared this woe. …

One Monkey Don’t Stop the Show

A clumsy cameraman struggles to regain his lost balance, arms and legs akimbo. Amy Goodman’s face registers only a slight smile around the eyes. The host of the program Democracy Now, guardian and protector of the free speech perimeter, has her sights on the horizon.

Democracy Now’s host Amy Goodman

Goodman is thinking ahead to…

Jennie Z. Rose

Writes about people working on resilience, hopes to start a one-woman band with a singing Husky.

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